Coronavirus Safety Practices

Coronavirus Safety Practices

1. Coronavirus Safety Practices procedure announcement to customers

At Walker Heating & Air Conditioning, we are taking the coronavirus outbreak very seriously. Here are the following procedures we have set in place to ensure the safety of our customers:

  • We are keeping our vans stocked with alcohol-based hand sanitizer and disposable wipes. Our techs are wearing surgical gloves at all times throughout service maintenance visits.
  • Our techs have also been instructed to keep a safe distance from customers at all time if entry to the home is necessary, we will be wearing shoe covers and surgical gloves. All technicians will also be equipped with surgical masks upon request.
  • Our employees have been educated about the symptoms of coronavirus, and we are providing flexible time off for anyone who believes they may be infected to encourage them to stay home.
  • We are encouraging our customers to pay online, instead of cash or credit. According to recent studies, germs live on the surface of cash and credit cards that can be spread from person to person. We will be happy to send you an invoice and collect payments via email, at no extra charge.

2. Automated Invoices and Payments

Handling cash at this time can increase your risk of exposure to the virus. The most reliable way to pay is through credit cards and ACH, to stay safe,  rather than swiping or keying in the card, you can pay by digital invoice through text or email.

3. Emergency Service

We are currently only servicing heating equipment that is in need of emergency repair or replacement. Air Conditioning Maintenance Tune-Ups are now being offered. A/C Maintenance is completed mostly outside of the home, however, there is also a drain and filter inspection. Our technicians have been instructed to maintain at least a 6 ft distance from all persons when entering a customers home. If you prefer we do not enter, we are offering a 6 month no return fee if you have any issues with your system throughout the summertime.

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